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NISSAN Connecting Rod

NISSAN Connecting Rod from China
NISSAN Connecting Rod

MP NO. Engine Mode PART  NO.
ETNS-CR001 Z24.Z24I 12100-03G10
ETNS-CR002 NISSAN VG30 12100-OW005
ETNS-CR003 Y61.Y60.W41.W4 12100-OW801
ETNS-CR004 NISSAN P40 12100-C8002
ETNS-CR005 TD25 ∙ TD27 ∙ TD42 12100-43G01
ETNS-CR006 D21.D22.NA20 12100-85G01
ETNS-CR007 NISSAN H20-2 12100-50K01
ETNS-CR008 NISSAN H20  12100-P5100
ETNS-CR009 Connecting Rod 12100-53F11
ETNS-CR010 SR20 ∙ U13 12100-60J02
ETNS-CR011 NISSAN Z20 12100-26G12
ETNS-CR012 Y61 TB45 12100-VC200
ETNS-CR013 NISSAN VG20 12100-10V02
ETNS-CR014 NISSAN A15 12100-HT200
ETNS-CR015 VQ20.30. 12100-31U04
ETNS-CR016 CA16.CA18. 12100-21F00
ETNS-CR017 NISSAN CA20 12100-D1712
ETNS-CR018 B13/GA16 12100-4M500
ETNS-CR019 Z24/Z324/Z24I 12100-03G10 
ETNS-CR020 NISSAN VG20 12100-10V20 
ETNS-CR021 QD32- TD42 12100-1W402 
ETNS-CR022 CA16/CA18/L18 12100-21F00
ETNS-CR023 NISSAN Z20 12100-26G12 
ETNS-CR024 VQ20.30/A32  12100-31U04 
ETNS-CR025 SRZOU13 12100-60J02
ETNS-CR026 D21.D22.NA20 12100-85G01
ETNS-CR027 NISSAN P40 12100-C8002 
ETNS-CR028 NISSAN CA20 12100-D1712 
ETNS-CR029 NISSAN VG30 12100-OW005
ETNS-CR030  TD25/TD27T/TD42T 12100-43G01

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Welcome to contact us for more information of  NISSAN Connecting Rod.
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