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Cummins QSK50-M1600(3.0) Diesel Engine for Marine

CUMMINS QSK50-M1600(3.0) Diesel Engine for Marine from China
QSK50-M1600(3.0) Diesel Engine for Marine


General of QSK50-M1600(3.0) Diesel Engine for Marine

Engine Model QSK50-M1600(3.0)
Displacement 50.3L
Cylinder 16
Configuration V-16 cylinder, 4 stroke diesel
Bore*Stroke 159*159mm
Fuel System MCRS with C3.0 Injectors
Weight(Dry)-Engine Only-Average 6615kg [14584lb]
Weight(Dry)-Engine with Heat Exchanger System-Average 6946kg [15313lb]
Compression Ratio 15:1
Piston Speed 9.5m/sec [1875ft/min]
Firing Order 2-1-6-5-4-3-10-7-16-15-12-11-14-13-8-9
Rating Type Continuous Duty
Aspiration Turbocharged/LTA

Performance Data of QSK50-M1600(3.0) Diesel Engine for Marine

Rated Engine Power 1193kW [1600hp]
Rated Engine Speed 1800rpm
Rated Power Production Tolerance ±3%
Rated Engine Torque 6329N.m [4668lb.ft]
Peak Engine Torque @ 1400rpm 7197N.m [5308lb.ft]
Break Mean Effective Pressure 1582kPa [229psi]
Indicated Mean Effective Pressure N.A [M.A]
Maximum Allowable Engine Speed 2375rpm
Intermittent(<1500hrs/Year) Torque Capacity front of Crank 6329N.m [4668lb.ft]
Front of Crank with SAE#0 Flywheel 3426N.m [2527lb.ft]
Front of Crank with SAE#00 Flywheel 2983N.m [2200lb.ft]
Default Droop Value                                                       (Refer to MAB 2.04.00-03/23/2006 for Droop explanation) 16%
Minumum-Maxumum Droop Allowed 0%-16%
High Speed Governor Break Point 1900rpm
Minimum Idle Speed Setting 550rpm
Normal Idle Speed Variation ±10rpm
High Idle Speed Rang Minimum-Maximum 1900-2204rpm
Avg. Fuel Consumption - ISO 8178 E3 Standard Test Cycle 221.7l/hr [58.6gal/hr]
Fuel Consumption at Rated Speed 307.9l/hr [81.3gal/hr]
Approximate Fuel Flow to Pump 602.8l/hr [159.2gal/hr]
Maximum Allowable Fuel Supply to Pump Temperature 60.0°C [140℉]
Approximate Fuel Flow Return to Tank 294.8l/hr [77.9gal/hr]
Approximate Fuel Return to Tank Temperature 44.6°C [112℉]
Maximum Heat Rejection to Drain Fuel 0.7kW [39Btu/min]
INSITE Reading 140091kPa [20,318psi]
Intake Manifold Pressure 220kPa [65in Hg]
Intake Air Flow 2003l/sec [4244cfm]
Heat Rejection to Ambient 59kW [3365Btu/min]
Exhaust Gas Flow 4000l/sec [8475cfm]
Exhaust Gas Temperature (Turbine Out) 322°C [611℉]
Exhaust Gas Temperature (Manifold) 500°C [931℉]
Sea Water Pump Specifications MAB 0.08.17-07/16/2001
Pressure Cap Rating (With Heat Exchanger Option) 103kPa [15psi]
Max. Pressure Drop Across Any External Cooling System Circuit 34kPa [5psi]
Coolant Flow to Main Cooler (with blocked open thermostat) 1200l/min [317gal/min]
Standard Thermostat Operating Rang   Start to open-Full open 82°C [180℉]—95°C [202℉]
Heat Rejection to Engine Coolant 722kW [41,098Btu/min]
Coolant Flow to LTA Cooler (with blocked open thermostat) 598l/min [158gal/min]
LTA Thermostat Operating Rang   Start to open-Full open 46°C [115℉]—57°C [135℉]
Heat Rejection to Engine Coolant 342kW [19,460Btu/min]
Maximum Coolant Inlet Temperature from LTA Cooler 49°C [120℉]


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